pubConcierge provides custom digital resources and 360 assistance services, taking your business to the next level one setup at a time. Our objective is to help online publishers by offering the best products and support for their digital campaigns.

Our dedicated team is on board for any inquiry, ready to tackle any challenge through reliable services and technologies. We are here because our primary goal is to help develop and strengthen the relationship between publishers and their customers.

IP lease

We offer a wide range of IP blocks that are tested and checked so they are of the highest reputation and meet any compliance requirement.

  • Worldwide geo-locations on demand
  • Different upstreams
  • Various ASNs
  • Multiple allocations

We can lease any IP range size starting from /27s to /16s IPv4 or from /48 to /29 IPv6, for which we offer customization according to your needs.

All IP blocks are tested in advance to make sure that they are delivering to the domains you need.

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Why choose pubConcierge?


You have the option to get access to the ordered IP range before lease starts, for a limited period of time, to test that it meets your requirements.


Time is money! We approach each customer with 360 solutions tailored to their requests so that we cut down on time but not corners.


Our 24/7 technical team can assist you with general troubleshooting and setting up the IPs on your infrastructure (routing, uptime, rDNS, connectivity issues etc.)


We monitor the classes and servers taking care of all the issues that might appear. We take and monitor the last IP of the allocation (254).


Besides the many IP projects we implemented over time, we also put in place a sound structure for VPN and VPSs lease, custom made to fit any corporate requirements.


Routing is done via GRE tunnel or directly on a dedicated or private server (which can be provided on demand) with your desired specifications.

Guaranteed product and service quality



We’re looking to do business with compliant business partners only (CANSPAM or similar regional law). This is why we monitor the IPs for any type of Spamhaus listings or afferent Spamcops and send them to our partners so they can take the necessary action. We are familiar with setting up feedback loops (FBL) in order to help you keep a clean record.



If you come up with an idea for your campaigns but find it difficult to deal with the technical aspects, we have the knowledge and the experience to put it into action. We pride ourselves with our technicians and support team who can adjust our services to your specific needs. We can create custom solutions for every need.



We test the IPs for you beforehand in order to make sure they match your needs (delivery in requested domains). We offer the option to get access to the ordered IP range before the lease starts, for a limited period of time, allowing testing and ensuring it meets your requirements.